Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some New Things

Plenty of new things happened over our Charleston weekend.

We ate out a lot since we weren't at home. Now, this isn't new, and
neither are crayons and kiddie placemats. What is new is Abigail learning her colors. She can identify green, red, orange, and purple.

Our hotel room in Charleston was on the third floor. Abigail was able
to count along with the elevator up to three and down to one. As of this weekend, she can count all the way to ten!

When we arrived at Jonathan's parents' Jonathan was able to put
Abigail to bed as I took care of Sarah. For the rest of the weekend, though, I felt like we were joined at the hip. Abigail would not let anyone else hold her- not even her Daddy! Needless to say, this got a bit frustrating as it continued throughout the entire weekend. I guess it's good to know she loves me :-)

And we can't forget Sarah. This was Sarah's first long road trip. She
did pretty well considering she is not a fan of being in a car. Also, this was the first time she met all of her Uncles (among other family, of course).

Jonathan and I also learned a valuable lesson. There is a difference
between weather proof and water resistant. We bought a car top carrier that is weather resistant. We had rain most of the way from SC to Northern Virginia so our clothes got soaked.

Just so this isn't just a post of words, here are a few pictures our Aunt Charissa took over the weekend of Sarah. Don't you just love her ears? I think they are so cute!

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