Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

The Kapaldo Family had a great Valentine's Day. We started off with a great breakfast that Jonathan and I made together. Jonathan surprised me during breakfast with a Valentine's gift. He gave me a lovely heart locket necklace. During breakfast Abigail and Sarah enjoyed their gifts from Nonna and Papa.

We then headed to GENESIS for church. Abigail had a heart-shaped sugar cookie with pink frosting during GENESIS Kids. It was reported to me that she got the frosting everywhere. After the service Abigail got a hold of a Hershey miniature. No biggie. At least not until she took a big bite of it while it was still in the wrapper!

Jonathan and I have a tradition for Valentine's Day where he makes a special dinner and I make a special dessert. Jonathan made steak, potatoes and green beans. I made Oreo truffles for dessert. Abigail was throwing a tea party for her new dog, so she wasn't into having dinner at first. When she was ready to eat, she wanted to sit with us instead of on her high chair. Wouldn't you know Abigail ate more this way? You couldn't stop her from eating green beans off her Daddy's plate. GREEN BEANS! She has never really eaten green beans before.

Now Abigail is sleeping with Sarah following soon after. My Valentine and I will enjoy quiet, Oreo cookies, and The Amazing Race. Happy Valentine's Day all!

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