Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What a Morning!

I figured today would be a long one. Abigail didn't sleep well at all last night and was up a good hour earlier than normal.

I was getting things ready to bathe Abigail when she decided to go into the bathroom and close the door behind her. She can't reach doorknobs yet, so I needed to open it for her. Well, I was not quick enough. Abigail then opened the vanity drawer. This blocked the door and made it impossible for me to open. I could hear her grabbing at the Q-Tips. I told her to close the drawer so Mommy could get in. Over and over I asked her to do this with no success.

I started to freak out. Then my MacGyver instincts kicked in. I tried using a wire hanger to close the drawer from the outside. This started to freak Abigail out. Still no success! To top it all off, the only phone in the apartment-my cell phone-was in the bathroom!

There was nothing else I could do. I had to go to a downstairs neighbor to call 9-1-1. Two officers came by and used my hanger, a bread knife, and finally a jimmy. When we got in we found Abigail in the corner with tears in her eyes :-/

The funny part (in my opinion) was that both officers asked Abigail to give them "a five". She gave one to both of them. She doesn't do this for some people she knows! Anyway, needless to say, it was a memorable morning. Hopefully I won't have to call 9-1-1 again any time soon.

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Rachel said...

oh gosh! this makes for a great story though!