Sunday, November 15, 2009

One Month Old

Today marks Sarah's one-month birthday. This will probably get old, but I'll say it every month, I can't believe she is one-month old!

Sarah is starting to coo and make baby sounds more. In the beginning she limited herself to grunting and crying. Also, Sarah now makes eye contact instead of just looking in our general direction. Her neck muscles are getting nice and strong. She'll often lift her head up when we are holding her so she can get a good look at us.

We decided that we would take pictures of Sarah every month in the same 12-month onsie. Here she is at a few days old followed by her one-month picture:


James said...

Caption for the last photo:
Sarah: "Then we went to that new Thai place, oh what's the name of that place again?"

Abigail: "Hmmmmm, I don't remember."

Very cute photo, by the way

Christina said...

Wow, such a big difference when they are next to each other! Isnt it odd to see your marchie as that big now? :)
Thanks for the add, you have a beautiful family. Ill spend some time catching up on your blog this afternoon when soren naps