Thursday, September 8, 2011

Belly Shots: 30 Weeks!

We are 75 percent done with this pregnancy! In 10 short weeks (or so) we will be welcoming Lily into the world.

My Doctor apparently likes "boring" pregnancies. My pregnancies with Abigail and Sarah were boring and my pregnancy with Lily is no different. My Doctor actually told me once that I was one of his best "customers" (not sure if this was because of the boring pregnancies or the fact that I am on number 3).

I don't have much new to report about little Lily's activity. I can say that she is very active though, especially at night. You can literally see her move sometimes.

Just for fun, here's a little top 10 list. I'll call it The Top 10 Things that are NOT My Friend.

10. My Stuffy Nose - I've been congested since the beginning of this pregnancy. Thankfully it gets better
as the day goes on.

Cinnamon - One of the few "foods" that bother me, which is unfortunate because I really like cinnamon.

Maternity Pants - They just never seem to fit right. I do have one good pair of pants that I LOVE, but I can't get away with wearing them every day (plus, see #1).

7. Sitting up Straight - This at least isn't Lily's friend. When I try to sit up straight she will protest. She just doesn't get all that much room when I try to have a nice posture while sitting.

6. 1:30/2:00/2:30 PM - Every day without fail I hit a huge invisible wall. I lose all my energy and motivation.

5. Mornings - A few weeks ago I resolved to get up before the girls so I could get a head start on the day. This lasted exactly two days. Abigail then started getting up earlier than she had been. Jonathan gets up before the sun (around 5:15 or so) so he can have his quiet time and get freelance work done. Then the girls wake up and he gently wakes me up to tell me it's 6:45 or 7:00. I really should start getting to bed sooner.

4. Dropping Things - It is so frustrating to grab the diaper bag, my purse, and Sarah from the van, then go to our front door, keys in hand when OOPS there they go! So, I have to put Sarah down and bend over to grab the keys. Sometimes when I'm inside and drop something I just leave it to pick it up later.

3. Shoes with Laces - Ok, I'll be honest, I haven't put sneakers on in a very long time. I love being able to simply slip on my beloved flip flops. But, with the fall fast approaching I fear I will not be able to get away with it much longer. The more time passes, the more my belly will grow, making it more difficult to put on and tie my shoes. Note to self: maybe I should start teaching Abigail how to tie shoes.

2. The Animal Game - This one is my fault. Remember, way back when, when I invented a fun thing for the girls to do while I cleaned their room? Well, they love this game and they play it all. the. time. Sometimes a few times a day (also my fault, because I keep putting the animals away so they can keep tossing them in the crib). I really need to work on getting them to clean up after the dreaded animal game.

1. Stairs and Laundry - Our laundry room is downstairs. We have four people in our family and we all go through a decent amount of clothes. I'm not a fan of going up and down, up and down, just so my family can wear clean clothes ;-) Also, if I want to go anywhere, I have to use the stairs. And, if I want to come back, I have to use the stairs AGAIN (and going up)! Really, they aren't all that bad, it just takes a lot of time and energy.

And now for a belly shot:

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