Saturday, September 20, 2008

Virginia Visit

We took a trip down to Virginia last weekend for a friend's wedding. This was a short trip, heading down Friday morning and coming back Monday morning. I was a bit anxious this time because we decided to leave in the morning rather than late at night, meaning Abigail would be awake most of the time. It actually worked out really well! The trip down only took 9 hours with 1 hours worth of stops. This is huge. Before we had Abigail we were lucky if we made it in 9 hours. The way back took a bit longer, but it still went well.

It was nice because she would finish up her overnight sleep, wake up happy, eat, play, get grumpy, get sleepy, nap, eat, was a predictable schedule. We introduced a new song to Abby, which she likes very much, Ole McDonald. She is especially fond of the E-I-E-I-O part and Mommy's impression of the sheep, rooster, cat, and donkey.

Here are some pictures from our visit, as well as from the road trip back home.


Anonymous said...

All the pictures in this post are adorable. Especially the first one.

suzanne said...

The third picture down is my favorite...looks like a professional photographer took it! She is looking sweeter than ever!