Friday, May 16, 2008

The Dedication of Abigail Marie

We dedicated Abigail to the Lord on May 11, Mother’s Day. Abigail wore a special baptism gown that was made out of my Great Aunt Anna’s wedding dress. My Mother was baptized in the gown (along with her siblings) and I was baptized in the gown (along with my brother and sister). We wanted to continue the tradition. The only difference is that we had Abigail dedicated rather than baptized. Part of the idea behind this is that we want her to make the decision when she is older to proclaim her decision to follow Christ through baptism.

A friend of ours, Krista took photos of the occasion. You can view these in her blog or by visiting

We also had a friend of ours video tape the dedication, which you can view below. I apologize for the bumpy start.

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