Sunday, January 20, 2008

Back to School - Day 2

Today's class didn't seem as jam-packed as yesterday's. Jonathan learned how to massage my back and we both learned different breathing techniques. We also learned about and saw a video about C-sections. I think the big learning experience for me was what happens post-labor. You see and hear about all the unpleasant things they don't tell you. And, because they were new to me, I'm not going to tell you either ;-)

I'm glad I took this class, but I'm sure I won't feel completely ready when labor and delivery time comes. I was talking to friends the other night and mentioned that having a baby is not like being at an amusement park. It's not like being in line for a crazy scary roller-coaster where you get closer and think, "maybe I'll pass on this one". One way or another, this baby has to come out!

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